How does your personal chef service work?
We meet to create a custom food profile to gather all information regarding dietary needs, restrictions and preferences. I develop a detailed menu that is submitted to you for approval, then do the shopping for meals being prepared that day or that week. Next, meals can be prepared in person and stored to be enjoyed later, or meals can be prepared offsite and brought right to your door at scheduled times that work for you.

What does the service include?
The service includes an initial consultation, review of food profile, research and development of the menu, and grocery shopping for the fresh, organic ingredients needed to prepare your meals. Also included is either in-person meal prep and storage or offsite prep and delivery to you.

How long have you been a personal chef?
It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working as a personal chef and been in business for over 10 years and with that comes so many different experiences!  I'd love to share a story with you!

Can you cook in my home for special occasions and dinner parties?
Yes! I am able to prepare meals in your home for these special times in life. The rate does depend on the details of the party. Simply contact me and I will put together a party package for your approval.

Are you able to teach me how to cook in my own home?
Whether you are a beginner or gourmand, I can teach you no matter what your level of expertise is.

How are the meals packaged?
All food items are packed in ready to eat containers that you would see in any restaurant for their togo menu items.  We use containers that can be stored in the refrigerator & freezer and are also microwave friendly.


Are you able to attend and pay for only one class?

How long does each class last?
Each class demonstration runs about 2 hours, with an after-class dinner of about 30 minutes immediately afterwards.

I want to take classes, but my doctor has put me on a strict diet. Can the ingredients be modified?
Certainly. I can modify by adding or eliminating ingredients to better serve your needs. Please make sure to contact me with any restrictions a week before class starts.

What is the benefit of attending these series?
There are multiple benefits. You will be able to: use and cook with foods and ingredients that you may never have seen before; gain a healthy outlook on life; become knowledgeable about what is in our food today; save money on your grocery bills; feed your family whole foods; feel great, and have more energy!


Is personal information that I give you confidential?
YES! No one else has access to your information and it will not be given away, traded, sold or otherwise distributed to any other parties unless you give permission.


What was the first meal you ever prepared for yourself?
Steak and grilled onions. I was about 5 years old and really hungry. I remember the steak was well done and the onions were caramelized heavily!

Favorite meal today
Anything with quinoa in it!

What is your favorite food?
It took me a long time to figure this out, but the answer is onions! No matter what I am eating I have to have onions, and all kinds of them! If I had to narrow it down I’d say red onions are my favorite!

I have a question not listed here.
Feel free to message me using the Contact Us form with any other questions not listed above.